November 22, 2019

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What to Expect

Members offer anything from a guest bedroom to a sofa, to a foam mattress for a sleeping bag. The rest is up to you.


At the time of the visit you may choose to offer airport pick-up, breakfast, tours of gay and/or tourist spots or whatever else a good host may think of - depending on your possibilities. Think how you would like to be received.


Each member decides how many guests he/she can receive and when. Nevertheless, this is a hospitality exchange and, therefore, not for those who aren't capable of, or interested in, receiving other members.

Don't forget that both hosts and guests benefit from each visit! Our hosts have their house rules, as we have ours, and appreciate when they are respected.


Because the hospitality is free, a token gift or a dinner invitation for the hosts might be appreciated.

LGHEI's Culture

We oppose discrimination on the basis of gender, race or national origin, age, "beauty" or other considerations. We expect all members of LGHEI to be welcome at the homes of all other members. If cultural or other considerations prevent you from abiding by these conditions, please explain this with your membership application.

All members are expected to respect the customs and obey the laws of the areas they are visiting, particularly those regarding homosexuality. LGHEI cannot be held responsible for its members' conduct. LGHEI reiterates that it is an organization with the sole purpose of facilitating international and domestic travel. Members are traceable through their directory addresses, and only members receive the directory. This is a built-in security concerning our guests.


How to Join

You can join LGHEI electronically with Bank transfer, Paypal and complete the online application. Please note that your membership will need to be approved by an LGHEI representative before you can use the directory. The annual membership fee  is €20.  If you are paying by Paypal you will be charged the current exchange rate. Your membership will be processed when your membership payment is received.

When composing your text, don't forget to describe your interests and activities - not just your home and city. There is no need for physical description and requests for photos are out of place, too. Samples descriptions are available to give you an idea of what to write. If you also speak French, Spanish or German, please translate your description into those languages as well as you are able to. Many members speak only one or another of those languages.

The annual membership period is from January 1st to December 31st. The deadline to be listed in the printed directory is January 31st to allow for last minute changes.  There is not a partial year membership.  Anyone joining mid-year will pay the total annual membership fee in order enjoy membership privledges (host or be hosted) in the current year .  The fee is "per household" - singles, roommates or couples - but you aren't obliged to travel together. If you wish to travel with a friend, the friend must also be a member in good standing, willing and able to receive.

There are different ways to pay:

  • Credit card or transfer from your bank account via Paypal (this is the fastest and easiest way to pay)

  • Bank transfer to Acct. #1011806003 Berliner Volksbank (BLZ 100 900 00).
    Name on account: Verein f. intern. Gastfreund.
    IBAN: DE 5210090000 1011806003

The fee is used to cover the costs of operation - website development/hosting/administration and, when possible, publicity to help expand the network.

Memberships and Home Exchange

Full members

Full membership provides you full access to view the directory online and search for members in different locales based on when you plan to travel.

Associate members

People in developing countries who are able to receive guests (or offer other forms of hospitality, such as information about their city, etc.) but who aren't able to travel because of financial or other considerations can be listed as hosts or useful contacts without having to pay the membership fee. However, they do not receive the directory and are not able to use it for their travels.

Home exchange

The primary purpose of LGHEI is to encourage hospitality exchange among members. All members must participate in this aspect of our program. Nonetheless, some members are also interested in exchanging their homes for short periods. We are willing to indicate that interest in our membership directory but all arrangements must be made by the interested members who also bear all responsibility for such arrangements. Home exchange will not be considered a substitute for hospitality exchange.


While LGHEI is not meant to be a penpal network because many excellent ones already exist, many members (especially Associate Members) are also interested in developing friendships through correspondence. We are happy to indicate this in their entry in the annual directory.


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