December 16, 2018
LGHEI Representatives

This is a list of LGHEI representatives based on area.  Their names are a hyperlink to their e-mail address.  If you need assistance determining which representative handles your area, please contact us at


LGHEI c/o J. Wiley, Smetana Str. 28, D-13088 Berlin, Germany. Tel: +49 30 691 9537 Email: Jay Wiley

Australia/NZ : Rod Spark.
Belgium: Louise Stien
Canada: Garnet Colly.
Deutschland: Jay Wiley.
Spain/Portugal: Tadmora Simkins
France Region Parisienne et Nord, Île de France: Philippe Charras.
France Centre-Est et Nord-Est: Philippe Charras.
France Sud-Est: Gilles Huguet .
France Sud-Ouest: Nicolas Marrot
France Nord-Quest et Centre-Quest: Fabrice Norvez
Italia : Marco Dolfi
Israel: Tadmora Simkins
México y América latina : Francisco Aviles Jiminez.
Norden/Skandinavien: Steffen Mollenberg.
Switzerland: Louise Stien
United Kingdom: Daniel Ulivi.
USA New England & New York: Rod MacNeil .
USA Mid Atlantic States: Rod MacNeil.
USA Midwest and Great Plains: Allen Vander Linden.
USA Southeast: John Kemper.
USA Southwest & Rocky Mountains: Deb Herman.
USA Far West: Deb Herman.

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